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Let Grenier’s Pest Control Remove Critters From Your Home

We deal with any nuisance animal that decides to share your home or property with you. We follow all state guidelines regarding wildlife removal and do everything in our power to ensure animals are dealt with safely and humanely. Using techniques such as setting up game cameras in the problem areas of your home or property, we can detect where these nuisance animals are coming from and where they are setting up so we can handle them appropriately.

From One Animal to Another

Whether you have skunks under your deck, squirrels in your attic, or raccoons in the crawlspace, sharing your home or property with uninvited “Nuisance Animals” can be a scary experience. Dealing with these animals can be dangerous and requires professional expertise and experience. Count on Grenier’s Pest Control to escort those intrusive critters out and deal with them appropriately. Our removal processes are always humane and environmentally friendly. 


If an animal does end up having babies in your home, we will bring them to a rehab center, and part of your fee will be donated to the rehab facility. However, to prevent your home from becoming an animal nursery, contact us in the early spring to stop the problem before it starts.